Dot Peen Direct Part Marking Systems

Benchtop, Portable, Combo, Integrated and CNC Solutions

DAPRA offers the industry's largest portfolio of permanent, low-stress, economical dot peen / pin marking solutions. Mark Data Matrix codes, text, logos and more on metals and most materials up to 65 HRC. Contact us to discuss your application or request a demo.

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Dot Peen Direct Part Marking Systems

Benchtop Systems

BenchDot series systems are designed for speed, accuracy and reliability. Ideal for marking small- to medium-sized components. Choose from a variety of marking windows, Z-axis functionality and other options.

BenchDot features & options
Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Portable Hand-held Systems

PortaDot series systems are robust, hand-held machines that are ideal for marking large, heavy parts that cannot be brought to a bench station. Also great for marking in the field or directly on the manufacturing floor. Pair a portable system with a column and base to quickly convert for benchtop marking. A variety of marking windows and options are available.

PortaDot features & options
Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Entry-level Bench System

The Maxim III is a low-cost, bare-bones dot peen system that has been a go-to for job shops for years. Available in self-contained or PC-driven configurations, with useful options such as an automatic tag feeder.

Maxim III features & options
Entry-level Benchtop Dot Peen Marking System